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Yoga at The Haven

Yoga at The Haven

Hatha Yoga
Hatha Yoga strengthens the body and the ability of equanimity and awareness. It is a way to explore the potential of the body and mind, to feel inner peace and greater self-confidence.
Hatha yoga is the most authentic root physical yoga techniques and way more tradicional.¨Ha¨ means sun and ¨tha¨ means moon. Therefore, hatha yoga is the yoga of opposites and balance. For this reason, it brings strength but also lightness in the body and the mind; It fills us with energy while appeasing us; balancing our feminine aspects to male; exercise with stillness; action with intuition; our right brain to the left; restores the connection between mind and body; balances the excesses and deficiencies in each chakra.
The class will be held with a leisurely practice and usually soft carrying along class, traditional positions, in coordination with deep breathing and conscious. It is a meditative practice, which continuously attention to the present moment and the language of the body.
Hatha yoga is a good introduction to yoga as it is the foundation of discipline, although some may be a little slow at first by his meditative focus, it is very beneficial to learn the traditional views on the care and body awareness.
Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Flow Yoga is a dynamic style of yoga where asanas are practiced in fluid streams to the rhythm of breathing.
This method has two versions, a slow, meditative and other invigorating and energy , both versions will be combined during class to warm the body slowly .
We also focus on the principles of natural biomechanics of our body, to care for and bring you more freedom of movement to articulate and to work conscientiously alignment.
This method will work body and mind, focusing on our breathing conscious and center ( core) , back to our axis , balance and our being.


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