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Wraps with Essential Oils at The Haven Boquete

Wraps with Essential Oils at The Haven Hotel Boquete

In the world of Spas, wraps come high on the list of most popular treatments taken. They offer – pampering, cosmetic benefits, and definitely numerous therapeutic benefits for the whole body. Wraps can certainly fall in between the spa and clinic treatments.

Body wraps go back a very long time, early records show they were being used in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, where they were traditionally used to detoxify the body, to encourage healing, reduce weight by encouraging fluid-loss, and improves aches and pains and the appearance of skin. All is holds true today in modern spas and clinics.

The cells are surrounded by interstitial fluid, fluid that can accumulate within cells and between cells because of a lack of exercise, the aging process, poor diet high in salt and sugar, a build-up of toxins as organs become burdened due to deficiencies.

Body wraps at the Haven contain essential oils that are scientifically proven to enter the blood stream within 20 to 30 minutes, having a profound therapeutic affect on the whole body. You can choose detox wrap (helps with cellulite, etc), or breathe easy wrap, or ease aches and pains wrap, relax wrap etc

What to expect when you have a body wrap

The skin must first be prepared –

a) dry body brushing is known to help move the lymphatic system

b) the body exfoliated with a special mixture that contains sea salt. This has the effect of removing the dead skin cells and increasing the circulation.

c) a warm shower ensure all the dead skin cells, debris and scrub is removed

d) a 100% natural blend of aromatherapy oil is applied to the skin

e) you are all wrapped up and cocooned, a heating blanket is placed over you keeping the pores open

f) a massage encourages better circulation, lymph, fluid balance etc

Do not now shower until the next day essential oil’s therapeutic properties continue to work for several hour after treatment.



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