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The many benefits of reflexology

The Many Benefits of Reflexology

It will surprise you to discover how far reaching the benefits can be. Not only is it a truly holistic treatment but it is also an extremely pleasant experience. People get hooked on the good experience of the treatment and the health benefits gained.

Reflexology can help us cope with stress better

Reflexology can calm the whole body and encourage a deep sense of relaxation. Stress is a fact of life none of us can escape it. In fact it’s not the stress that’s the problem but the way we handle it, the way we perceive it. We are all different and some people handle stress better than others. Also there are good and not so good stresses. For instance there is the exhilarating stress of performing in your local amateur dramatics. Then there is the stress that can if not handled well lead to many negative health problems. Stress like – worry, frustration, working too many hours, relationship difficulties and money concerns. As they mount up and our defences drop we become more susceptible to illnesses, bugs and viruses.

So the answer is to find ways of coping with stress, giving the body the necessary tools to cope with life. Reflexology has been proven over the years to be a really good therapy for coping with stress. Have reflexology on a regular basis, and take some time out to figure out how you can solve some of your problems, the stressors in your life. Maybe you need to put some of them into perspective. Take a long hard look at your life style, do you work too many hours, do you have any interests or hobbies, how meaningful are your relationships, how do you feel about your job? Something else to consider, many foods and drinks can be extremely stressful to the body causing a real sense of anxiety.

The way we handle stress has a huge bearing on the way we age and deteriorate. During times of stress, our stress hormone levels rise, however in a young person, levels very soon decline again, in an older person these higher levels can take days to drop again. These prolonged higher levels of stress hormones circulating in our systems eventually have a negative effect on our overall health and well-being. So how can we help lower our stress hormone levels? One of the ways is to have regular treatments of reflexology or even giving reflexology will lower your stress levels.

Reflexology improves our quality of sleep

Without enough good quality sleep the world can look a very different place. It becomes harder to cope with the more simple things in everyday life. Relationships become difficult as nerves are frayed and everything seems just a little more irritating. The kids just get on your nerves more than ever, the boss seems to be more frustrating than usual, and worries become magnified. Reflexology works on a deep level to bring about a real sense of peace and most people say they sleep so much better in between treatments.

For the sake of your home-life, relations, career, and health, to say nothing of slowing down the aging process, we all need a good night’s sleep on a daily basis. The body can cope with the odd bad night’s sleep or a late night but when it becomes a regular thing, it will affect your long term health in a really negative way. Sleeping well is so important for deep healing and regeneration. The body produces at this time HGH (human growth hormone) this hormone has been doubted our ‘youth hormone’.

Really, how our world looks so much better after a good night’s sleep. How much easier it is to cope, how much clearer we can think.

During the night, if we are sleeping soundly our stress hormone levels fall. This is very important to our overall wellbeing and long term health. Reflexology can slow down aging as it will help to turn down our stress hormones, by enhancing the quality of our sleep. Not being able to sleep well, is a distressing situation, reflexology has helped many people get a better night’s sleep.

Alcohol – drinking in the evening on a regular basis, will initially make you drowsy but later you will get a burst of nor-epinephrine which is a stimulant, disturbing sleep and encouraging the body to feel under par.

Caffeine – is also a stimulant which will interfere with our quality of sleep and elevate your stress hormones.

There can be many things that can disturb your quality of sleep, having a new baby in the home, living in a noisy part of town and being a light sleeper, curtains that are not thick enough to keep the room dark enough, a mind that will not switch off. Or an uncomfortable bed, incorrect pillow for your sleeping position. Not relaxing enough before you go to bed. Reflexology will help.

Reflexology improves circulation

Our circulation carries blood to just about every cell in the body. It carries oxygen and nutrients to nourish our cells and removes carbon-dioxide and debris a way for processing, by the liver and the kidneys. So anything that improves the circulation will improve our overall health. Our cells make up tissue of all types that form our arteries, heart, bones, liver, and skin and so much more. Our blood vessels contract and relax enabling the blood to reach all out posts of our body. Stress, tiredness, and illness can all affect this flow as the blood vessels become constricted, hindering our blood flow, especially to our brain and extremities. So improve circulation and we improve the function of every cell. Improve circulation and we improve everything from stamina to moods.

Reflexology will help to charge our batteries

Wouldn’t we all like more energy? I have come across people in their 70s and 80s with plenty of energy and other in their 30s struggling to keep up. Feeling more energetic gives us a zest for life it makes all our daily tasks easier and certainly much more enjoyable. This energy can be described as a “life-force”. I am sure you have met people who are just full of this so called ‘life force’. The Orientals call this energy “chi” and this chi needs to flow unimpeded around the whole body. If this ‘chi’ or ‘life-force’ becomes blocked we could feel listless and maybe experience pain. Reflexology will open up the energy pathways, enabling a free flow of this energy throughout the body. This philosophy has been in existence for thousands of years and has certainly stood the test of time through the practice of acupuncture.

Don’t get confused with the hyperactive type energy that can be unsettling and is a falsely driven energy that will deplete you in the long run. Or the false energy of taking such things as sugar or caffeine, they will wear your system out and eventually you will end up not being able to function properly without stimulants. These stimulants will cause your organs a huge amount of stress and leave you eventually even more depleted. If you are one of those people who needs a cup of coffee or tea or a sugary refined starchy breakfast before you can get ‘going’ so to speak, your ‘chi’ is depleted. After a night’s sleep we should be refreshed and feeling renewed, without caffeine or sugar.

Reflexology encourages our systems to detoxify more efficiently

Our lymphatic system is one of our major detoxifying organs. The lymphatic system is susceptible to becoming sluggish by the very nature of its design and from our modern life-styles. Our blood circulation has a pump, the heart to ensure delivery of blood efficiently around our body. The lymphatic system is very different it relies on muscle movement to move lymph around our body. These days so many people lead sedentary lives sitting at their jobs, driving to most places, watching TV, going to the cinema or the pub for a drink and bite to eat, think about it most activities people participate in these days usually involves sitting. Not an ideal situation for our lymphatic system, couple that scenario with a poor diet. The lymphatic system can quite easily get clogged up or extremely sluggish, which can lead to all sorts of health conditions, as well as more superficial problems like cellulite. When the lymphatic system becomes compromised, other organs of detoxification end up with more work to do than would otherwise be expected of them, this puts a lot of extra strain on them. Reflexology will help to move the lymph, encouraging it to be more efficient, helping to take the work load off the other organs of elimination – such as the liver, the kidneys, the lungs, the bowels and the skin. However reflexology will also help these organs, not just the lymphatic system to perform a better job.

Reflexology encourages prevention

As the saying goes an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. We have our cars serviced on a regular basis, as we know it’s better to look after our cars, to prevent a more serious problem developing later. This should, also be true for ourselves. We should take prevention more seriously and have regular treatments to keep us balanced. We need balance in our lives mentally, physically and spiritually. Some people tell me that their prevention strategy is to have regular blood tests – like cholesterol levels, blood pressure, blood glucose, triglycerides and so on. This is not prevention in the true sense of prevention it’s more like Russian roulette! What do I mean by this? Most people eat and drink junk, get next to no exercise, little R and R and think as long as the tests keep saying everything is okay they have nothing to worry about, so it is business as usual. However, you don’t just wake up one day and bingo you have a problem, it has taken many years for a chronic disease to develop like heart disease or diabetes. The tests generally show you when it is “broken” so to speak. For instance the tests will tell you that your thyroid is okay or not okay, that you need medication or you don’t. In holistic medicine we look for signs to tell us that the thyroid is struggling, that if you continue on your path you will eventually suffer an inevitable problem. So there are some recommended life-style changes and treatments to improve the function of the endocrine system (glands that produce hormones) in general. Another common example of this is osteoporosis. We are not suddenly at risk of osteoporosis when we reach the menopause. Our bone density peaks at about the age of 35, and there is a gradual decline from there on, long before our ovaries stop working. We are also told that it is a ‘woman thing’; however I have met men in their late thirties with osteoporosis. Don’t be complacent, don’t wait for your wake up call, do something that is truly preventative, look after your health now. A life of eating junk, consuming too many stimulants, sleeping badly, continually getting little or no relaxation, poor posture, no exercise, being overweight, drinking a little too much, having negative thoughts, handling stress badly, and so on will eventually catch up with you.



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