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Corporate Programs

Corporate Programs

Four Pillars of The Haven’s Programs

A three or five day program by The Haven is specifically designed to help your executive(s) understand your commitment to their future with the company. The retreat, by achieving it’s four desired outcomes, will re- energize your executive, while renewing their commitment.

These four desired outcomes are:
Daily meetings provided by our business coaches will focus on assuring that corporate, professional and personal goals and objectives are in perfect alignment. Based on company information provided prior to the retreat, The Haven will assure that the executive understands, accepts and is committed to the changing vision and mission of the company.
Daily meetings with coaches will help to remove any personal or professional barriers the executive may have in renewing their commitment to the company. Feedback is provided to the company that will assist in maintaining executive commitment in the future.
The Haven Executive Retreats are conducted at the Haven Spa in beautiful Boquete, Panama. Individualized attention, activities and services are given to each executive to allow him or her to relax, unwind, and enjoy a much-needed time out from the busy day-to-day of the company. This retreat demonstrates a commitment to the executive in their personal health and well-being.
A variety of spa treatments, life style modifications, exercise and activities in nature provide personal attention to the executives overall health, providing a renewing elixir for mind, body and spirit.

The Haven’s consultants

will work with you to determine whether an individual or a team executive retreat would best meet your company’s needs, goals and objectives. Our consultants will also assist in designing the retreat content, activities and services for each executive or teams of executives. The central variables that determine which approach would be best for your company would include:

    • Individual performance of key executives and ability to manage change
    • Ability of executive team to work effectively together
    • Degree of growth and change within the company
    • Important structural changes in the company (merger, acquisition, private to public, executive staff restructuring)
    • Changing or difficult interdepartmental relationships and communications

1) Executive Assistance Coaching

To provide a non-threatening approach for the executive that will assist in recognizing negative behaviors in the workplace, and to provide direct assistance to the executive on positive alternative behaviors.

2) Stress Management Coaching

(Based on tested methodologies created by Feldenkrais, Alexander, and Rubenfeld)
Stress management coaching will offer an introduction to how stress affects your whole body and how looking at the mind body relationship can help greatly to reduce stress and improve our overall performance.
Provide executive with specific techniques to recognize and reduce stress at work and in daily living. Evaluate executive understanding and acceptance of training.

3) Positive Emotional Coaching

This inspirational session get down to the understanding the dynamic role that positive emotions play in lifting both individual and group performance both on and of the field. Specific attention is given to the executive with a final evaluation of acceptance and behavioral modification.

An Individual Executive Retreat

is more appropriate for one or more of your executives who have performed well in the past but are showing signs of ‘burn out’ and/or resistance to change. All attendees will receive spa/wellness attention to demonstrate your appreciation for past performance and to rejuvenate their mind, body and spirit. Individual needs of each executive will be identified and an individual set of coaching sessions will be designed to realign individual and company goals and objectives. Coaching sessions will also assist each manager in understanding how they can more effectively facilitate change in the areas they serve and the company overall. Evening social activities will bring the individual executive team members back together to share their experience and build a more cohesive group.


A Team Executive Retreat

is more appropriate when the entire executive team is undergoing significant change at the same time. All attendees will receive spa/wellness attention to demonstrate your appreciation for past performance and to rejuvenate their mind, body and spirit. Group sessions will be conducted in change management, team building and goals/objective setting. Understanding the type of change the company is undergoing and where the company is in the change process will help The Haven Coaching Team determine the best approach for each session. Fun/exciting outdoor team activities and evening social events will aid in building team spirit and camaraderie.

A Retreat Length

of three or five days will depend on an assessment of multiple factors relating to individual executives and the company. Individual factors would include the number of executives attending, current individual and team behavior, and company objectives. A three-day retreat is more appropriate if the focus is on individual executives and the primary goals are to reward and rejuvenate. A five-day length is more appropriate for team executive retreats and when the company is undergoing significant change. The Haven’s consultants can help determine the best length for the retreat based on needs and availability of executives.


4) Change Management Coaching

Through a greater understanding of the process of change management and an understanding of specific tools and techniques the executive can employ in managing change, the company can demonstrate greater flexibility in adapting to external and internal changes.

5) Goal/Objective Setting Coaching

To provide personal goals and objectives setting for the executive, and to assist the executive in recognizing and aligning personal and company goals and objectives for improved personal and team performance.

6) Trans-Cultural Team Management

Highlight and address cultural differences in business practices, both inside and outside the company, in order to achieve more effective team communications and more productive client relationships.

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