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Natural Spa Products at The Haven Hotel Boquete

Spa Natural Products at The Haven Spa and Hotel

We use products that contain up to 98% organic ingredients and are 100% natural - “spa naturals“ they are manufactured in the USA especially for The Haven Spas.

Maybe you have never considered that the products are not just skin deep, that 60% of what we put on our skin ends up in our blood stream! They say the average woman absorbs 5lbs of chemicals from her personal care products alone. Your personal care products could be one of the major contributors to your toxic overload. There are shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, body sprays, deodorants, hair sprays, hair gels, perfumes, talcs, body lotions, cleansers or face washes, toners, moisturizers, body splashes, face mists, insect repellents, make-up, toothpastes, roll-ons and so on, mostly filled with chemicals. To say nothing of those terrible room sprays, and household cleaning products you inhale! We have less control over our general environment (though we can all do our bit) but we do have total control over what we put in and on our bodies. Natural products still have active ingredients that can prevent premature aging, help to keep your skin young and healthy and be friendly to you and the environment at the same time. We have all been subjected to marketing wizardry, very clear advertising, that plays on our fears. Who regulates the safety of cosmetic products? We all assume that ‘somebody’ is monitoring all of that on our behalf to ensure that the ingredients used in the products that end up in our blood stream are safe. There is currently no independent industry looking after our health, which is not surprising considering what the food industry is allowed to put in our consumables. It’s hard to describe consumables that come out of the factories as food?! We have gone straight to a manufacturer whose total philosophy is the environment and health first. The company itself uses eco-friendly energy forms – solar and wind. The products contain a very high degree of organic ingredients, not just a token. By choosing not to use a high degree of synthetic, toxic chemicals in your personal care products, you are not only choosing to protect your health, but also safeguard the environment as well, which of course affects all of us directly or indirectly. The products are not tested on animals, and are vegan friendly (no animal products like animal fats).

It is important to know these products are natural and do not contain the usual synthetic perfumes, so they don’t really have a smell. This is so easily remedied by putting in a couple of drops of pure essential oils. They are amazing therapeutically and have wonderful aromas – hence aromatherapy. So you can give these natural products a luxurious smell, the range has essential oils for purchase – individually or in packs of five or so.

People are experiencing more and more hormone related health problems as a result of a poor diet, and increased environmental toxins. Many of the chemicals in skin care products can interfere with the body’s natural hormonal balance by either blocking a hormones action or by mimicking the hormones. As a result of this hormonal imbalance we are seeing the consequences –


mood changes,


thyroid problems,

hormone related cancers,

increased menopausal symptoms,

increased weight and fluid retention problems and more.

By choosing healthy personal care and household cleaning products you can significantly reduce the toxic load on your own body.

These skin care products are available to use at home, if you live in Panama.

Jellies can be used as a

a) anti-aging facial masque,

b) hydrator,

c) nourisher,

d) under eye lifting gel,

e) scrub,

f) oil-free moisturizer

DMAE jelly – 92% organic use this jelly as a mask to lift and nourish the skin

Can also be used on normal or oily skin.

Spread a thin layer on a cleansed face and leave for 10 to 20 minutes. This is perfect for an anti-aging, lifting, hydrating masque for mature skin – use 3 or 4 times a week.

This jelly can be used as a ‘lifting eye gel’

Or use a little jelly with some brown sugar or jojoba beads available at the spa/clinic, they make the perfect scrub.

Use once a week and only mix what you need each time. Do not add the exfoliating medium to the jar.

95% Cucumber and Cranberry jelly 95% organic ingredients – use for sensitive, normal, dry, sun-damaged skin.

It will nourish or calm the skin.

This jelly make a perfect oil-free moisturizer for younger skin – can be used all over the face, neck, and eye area – gently massage into your skin until absorbed.

Serums are not so well known in general, they were used almost exclusively in spas as part of a facial treatment, now they have become more popular to use at home. They are similar to a moisturizer in design and purpose. A serum is a liquid meant to treat the skin – dehydration, lifting, toning, redness and fine lines etc etc.

Serum contain highly concentrated ingredients that are formulated into molecules smaller than those in a cream moisturizer, a serum is absorbed into the skin quickly and more deeply for a more intensive effect.

To gain the texture and feel of a cream just add a drop or two of super feed. The amazing Super Feed is brimming with nutritives to truly feed your skin.

Our serums are packed with ingredients that are 100% natural, with up to 70% organic.

Clay masques for deeper cleansingA clay masque will remove old sebum that is clogged in pores and remove environmental poisons and dirt left on the skin. They will be sold dry – so you only mix up what you need at the time, a more economical way to buy, as it will last longer. We use Kaolin Clay (China Clay), which originally came from the Kaolin Hills in Kiangsi Province in China. White clay has electromagnetic qualities and attracts oils and dirt particles left on the skin. This clay is composed of silica, iron, magnesium, calcium, sodium, zinc, and other minerals.

The clay is good used just as it is – or you can add some of your own ingredients if you wish – for example

1)Runny honey with or without a mashed banana

2)Use lemon juice instead of water

3)A little plain natural yogurt

4)Bicarbonate of soda

5)Essential oils for a more therapeutic effect for acne or spots or oily skin – for instant 1 drop of grapefruit for acne or spotty oily skin. Lavender 1 drop for a more calming masque.

6)Mashed up ripe papaya – the enzyme it contains (papain) will dissolve the dead surface layer of the skin very gently.

7) A little fresh pineapple – the enzymes will dissolve the dead surface layer of the skin a bit more than papaya.

MSM not just for joints – does wonders for the skin msm– is a naturally occurring nutrient found in plants, fruits, and vegetables. It supplies sulfur to the body, allowing it to heal itself. Reports show it helps eliminates wrinkles, brown spots, skin tumors, and spider veins, and also repairs scar tissue. MSM is anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial, it feeds the formation of collagen and elastin while preventing and reducing cross-linking between cells, which is the primary cause of wrinkles and scar tissue. Found in several of our products.

Many people take MSM (capsules) is a supplement to help with inflammation, pain and joint repair. In the same way it would improve the quality of our skin. This product encourages the cells to produce elastin, however products that contain elastin are of little use due to the fact elastin cannot penetrate the skin.

DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) – is an amazing nutrient that extends the life of cells, inhibits the cross linking of proteins, which gives the skin a toned and firm appearance. It can cause a tingling sensation that is very short lived. It is a naturally occurring substance that facilitates the synthesis of a neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is a compound released from the ends of nerve fibers and it is involved in the transmission of nerve impulses.  DMAE also stimulates the synthesis of phosphatidylcholine, an important component of cell membranes. Phosphatidylcholine is an essential fatty acid that improves and protects cell membranes from damage by free-radicals and improves blood flow and circulation.  An intriguing finding in some DMAE studies was that it reduced the accumulation of lipofuscin deposits inside cells. Lipofuscin deposits are cellular pigment – molecular waste.  It has been demonstrated that DMAE causes some degree of skin and pore tightening. However, it remains unclear how DMAE firms the skin — whether by stabilizing the membranes, boosting acetylcholine, reducing lipofuscin deposits or none of the above. Whatever the mechanism, the effect of DMAE is often noticeable although seldom dramatic. Besides, even though DMAE can’t fully reverse the existing facial sag, it may reduce its further progression. People report a cumulative effect with continued use of DMAE.

Hyaluronic acid is described as one of the most exciting ingredients on the market today! This one found in our natural products comes from a vegan source not animal. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the extracellular matrix of human tissue.  Topically applied hyaluronic acid forms an air permeable layer and penetrates into the dermis, thus boosting the elasticity and hydration of the skin.  The protective breathable barrier on the skin locks in moisture which gives the skin a youthful appearance. The cuticular layer of the skin normally contains 10-20% water, however as we age it can drop to below 10%. Hyaluronic acid comes to the rescue with its unique ability – allowing the skin to retain more water. Hyaluronic acid also protects the epidermis by scavenging (like an anti-oxidant) reactive oxygen species (free-radials) generated by ultra violet light, pollutants and/or a poor diet. Found in Spa Naturals Protective Spray.



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