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Massage therapy, can it help asthma?

Massage and Asthma

There are many different types of massage to choose from and they all have one aspect in common, they are treatments that are classed as holistic and alternative. The various massages bring about a positive effect on all the body’s systems encouraging better digestive, improved detoxification, easier respiration, more efficient circulation, plus lymphatic, endocrine and nervous systems working more efficiently.
It is thought that many of today’s health problems arise or at least are at least made worse by stress. I agree with this statement however, there is an aspect of people’s lives that is often ignored and that is the effect that their poor diet has on their health. This aspect leaves the body less able to cope with stress. Stress up-sets the delicate balance and homeostasis of all your body’s functions, re-establishing a balance requires an holistic approach.
You might not have considered having massage on a regular basis to help your asthma, but it has proven to be an effective way of calming the whole system, it can be enhanced with certain essential oils added to the massage oil or cream.
Hot Stone Massage Therapy has been used for centuries to relax and treat breathing problems, ancient Ayurvedic therapy used hot river bed. The heat from the stones melt away stress and tension and helps to draw out impurities from the body.
Several studies have shown that various types of massages help to reduce anxiety and relax tense muscles. People have noticed a reduction in their medication use. Then if you combine regular massages with some healthy diet changes effects are very noticeable.
At The Haven in Boquete you choose from a relaxation massage, deep tissue massage, aromatherapy massage or a hot stone massage.


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