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Massage Boquete – many important health benefit

Massage in Boquete – many important health benefit

The staff at the Haven are trained by us to a high standard, and on-going training is essential and very much part of our philosophy. The quality of The Haven spa treatments are well known, having been in business for 8 years and now a hotel for two years and already have a tripadvisor reward for excellence. The owners of The Haven are from Britain and are also health practitioners, taking an active role in the Haven.

It would be a shame if you viewed a massage as a frivolous luxury you indulged in once in a while when you’re on holiday at some tropical holiday resort. Over the decades much research has uncovered the vast benefits a regular massage can bring, helping many conditions? There are various types of massage – all bring benefits as long as they are done well. A therapist might use fingers, hands, fists, elbows, forearms, hot stones, shells, roll bamboo etc. During a massage, a therapist manipulates your body’s soft tissues — your muscles, skin, tendons etc.

You might get a massage at a country hotel, a holiday resort complex, a day spa in town, health club or in our case a spa/clinic/health club combination.

Of course a massage is not a cure all, nothing is but it can certainly be an important part of a healthy lifestyle. A massage will make you feel relaxed, and then there is deep tissue massage that can be a little uncomfortable, while your tight muscles are worked on. A therapist will always check if the pressure is too much or too little. Personally I like a deep massage which is too deep for most people; some people love a relaxation massage so it is important you are clear about what you want. Tell the therapist whether the pressure is too much or too little.

Massage as we all know relieves tension in muscles, encouraging relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety. Less tense muscles allows for better circulation. Massage can also encourage your body to release natural painkillers, helping with aches and pains. There is evidence that massage can help boost the immune system.

The various types of massage we offer at the Haven Spa and Clinic in Boquete:-

Relaxation Massage Muscle Melt is a classic style massage

Hot Stone Massage Therapy What could be more wonderful than the feel of smooth hot stones glide over your muscles melting away the stress, tension, tiredness, aches and pains?

Aromatherapy Massage Using a blend of therapeutic ‘essential oils’ chosen for your particular problem plus the precious carrier oil, with a relaxation massage technique

Remedial or Sport Injury Massage – specialist trained to treat muscular and joint related pains and injuries.

Body and Sole Massage – combination of back massage and foot massage will have you totally relaxed.

Deep Tissue Massage this massage uses more pressure to work deeper into the muscles

Lymphatic Drainage Massage – specialised type of therapy, detoxify the system, by stimulating the lymph, reducing fluid retention

Which one is best? It would be impossible to answer this question. It depends on your particular symptoms and your likes and dislikes. All have huge health benefits.

Here are some reports on what of regular massage benefits are -

Less anxiety – for people in general, for people with depression, for anorexic women, reduced withdrawal symptom from things like giving up smoking or alcohol

Less pain – for after surgery, for fibromyalgia sufferers, for migraine suffers, for back sufferers, during labour

Better circulation – for people in general

Immune enhanced – for people in general, for people with HIV showed an increased number of natural killer cells, the same cells that are thought to defend the body from viral and cancer cells.

Less pain, fatigue and anxiety for cancer patients

Improved quality of sleep – for people in general

Lowers blood pressure – related to improved circulation and reduction in stress

What a wonderful and easy way to improve your health.


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