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How long should a massage be? The Haven Spa Boquete

How long should a massage be?

Who decided an hour massage would be the norm and what basis? Was an hour chosen for the client’s benefit, the therapist’s benefit or was an hour chosen because it fits neatly into a daily schedule? Booking appointments made easier. So would your prefer a one hour massage every week or a one and half hour massage every 10 days? Check out the benefits of a longer massage.

Maybe longer massages could be of benefit to the client and even the therapist who gets the opportunity to work more on those areas that need it. So many clients come out of the therapy room saying how quickly the time went, how they could have done with more time.

There is evidence to suggest that more time does provide more health benefits. This extra time can feel so much more luxurious, truly losing track of time and certainly not feeling rushed in any way. Many clients start to totally unwind in the last 15 minutes or so of an hour’s massage, by which time you wish the massage could continue a bit longer.

Of course having an hour massage is absolutely wonderful, strangely whatever the extra time beyond an hour seems so much more. The extra time also gives the therapist more time to work on the tense areas. Also areas like the feet, scalp or hands get more attention than is normally possible with an hour massage.

So how long is enough? Having a two hour massage is too long in general (a two hour treatment would be better split into a massage and facial). We would suggest if you want a longer massage then the ideal time would be no more than 85 minutes, then more time is spent on the feet (very relaxing and therapeutic), hands, scalp etc.

If you decide to take a longer treatment, give yourself two hours – after your treatment take 30 minutes to relax in our tranquillity room and have a complementary cup of tea.




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