The Haven and Spa, Boquete Panama
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Massage & Spa Treatments Boquete

Treatments atThe Haven Spa Hotel Boquete

Two special Treatments

Indulgence Duo - a full body relaxation massage plus a sublimely relaxing facial 85 mins

Extra Treat Trio - three treatments from head to toe – 1) facial 2) neck and back massage 3) foot massage, experience a new you 90 mins

Massage Therapy

We use a specialist massage cream from the USA especially designed for the best results with natural ingredients. We us cold pressed oils (with essential oils) for aromatherapy and hot stone massages.

Relaxation Massage – sense your whole body unwind 55 mins

Hot Stone Massage - experience the smooth warm stones glide over your muscles melting away the stress, tension, tiredness, aches and pains 55 mins

Aromatherapy Massage – float away in a blend of therapeutic aromas, soothe the senses with various oils 55 mins

Sport Massage 55mins

Deep Tissue Massage – a deeper pressure into the muscles for a complete body overhaul 55 mins or 25 mins

Reflexology - a special technique is used to treat all the reflex points on the feet that correspond to all the parts of the body (this is not a foot massage please see below) 55 mins

Foot Massage - a total relaxation massage on your feet, lift the tension from your body 45 mins


Facials for every skin type, using products with up to 95% organic ingredients from the USA. Facials are 45 mins  or 55 mins

Face Rejuvenation Naturally – stimulating muscles to lift and tone encouraging collagen production, reducing wrinkles and

regenerating the skin. Please note we do not do extractions.

Body Treatments

Totally Spoil Yourself – five treatments in one – 1) Body Scrub 2) Half body wrap with essential oils 3) Facial 4) Back and Neck massage 5) Foot Massage  120 mins

Exquisite Exfoliate – revitalizing scrub with essential oils, and a massage 75 mins

Thera-pampic Wrap - pure blend of essential oils to indulge the senses. Various Blends-

Aches and pains, Detox,  or Relax 1) Body Brush 2) Body scrub 3) Shower 4) Wrap 5) Aromatherapy Massage 90 mins

New treatments with our latest advanced machines

for body and face click here for more information


Manicure  or  Pedicure  or  Both together

Day Spa Packages

Available for non hotel guests and non members. Enjoy tranquil surroundings, use of facilities, gym, swimming , infrared saunas, steam, Jacuzzi, relaxation areas inside & outside. Contact Us or phone + 507 730 9345 for more information.

Please Note

Age is restricted to 18 and above for use of our facilities or a stay in our hotel rooms. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this policy. It is the wish of our members and visitors that we maintain a tranquil atmosphere.

The Haven

To inspire health by creating a welcoming haven of beauty and tranquillity that empowers you to achieve a healthier way of life

“Wow, Wow and Wow…”

tripadvisor-logo5 of 5 stars

Our Family vacation and re-union of 6, needed to have a down day for relaxing, exercising and a massage. So we had booked our 1 day stay about 45 days prior. When we arrived we were greated by the manager Howard and provided with a brief tour of the facilities. We enjoyed it all, from Indoor pool to hot tub, sauna and exercise room and ending with a perfect massage.

The “Haven” in Boquete was the home run the family was looking for and it was thouroughly enjoyed by all. Can’t say enough about the friendly and professional staff and exceptional facilities. Will return and take advantage of that detox program. Thanks again had we all had a fabulous day.undefined


Spa Treatments

Haven Trained Therapists -
*hot stone massage *relaxation massage *deep tissue massage *aromatherapy *facials *body wraps *body scrubs and more. The Haven uses natural organic products from the USA.

New Machines

Lymphatic Drainage
Deep Cleansing Facials
Body Work

The Haven has a no children policy (no children under 18), to ensure peace and tranquility for all our guests. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.