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Health benefits of a vacation in the mountains, check out Boquete

Health benefits of a vacation in the mountains, check out Boquete

Stay at The Haven Spa Hotel Boquete Panama – enjoy the benefits of the healthy mountain air, adventure and affordable luxury.

Back in the 19th century, three types of places where popular for the rich to visit. In those days going somewhere had a health purpose as doctors would recommend a holiday like a prescription for its health benefit. All over Europe Spa towns cropped up where the rich would meet in beautiful large meeting rooms to socialize and part take in the daily ritual of drinking the healthful mineral waters. Doctocs  would also prescribe trips to sea-side for respectable walks along the promenades to breath in the sea air, which was easy for Brits as Britain is surrounded by coast. This was more difficult for some Europeans as some countries are land locked in the case of Austria. In these cases doctors would prescribe a trip to the mountains for the wonderful fresh air and altitude which also have huge health benefits. The Alps were a popular destination (even before ski resorts popped up everywhere), a place to recuperate and recover.

The University of Innsbruck in Austria rediscovered the health benefits of vacationing in the mountains. They discovered people who holiday in moderate altitudes had lower blood pressure and pulses rates, lost weight and slept better. Generally mountain air is pure and the scenery is breathtaking.

Mountains and forests (which go together usually) are charged with negative ions (the good ones) they have a positive effect, refreshing and rejuvenating. The negative ion concentration in the mountains is typically 2000–4000 negative ions per cubic centimeter. A large waterfall offers around 1,000,000 per cubic cm negative ions in its vicinity (mountains are full of waterfalls). Contrast this with the negative ion concentration of 100–200 negative ions per cubic cm in a typical indoor environment and cities are not great either.

A thunder and lightning storm creates a lot of extra negative ions in the atmosphere and maybe that is where the expression “the storm cleared the air” comes from?

So there are some compelling reasons to take a break in our mountain health spa, from the fresh air, the health benefits of our treatments or our programs or the use of all the facilities – come over and visit, you will not be disappointed.

To inspire health by creating a welcoming haven of beauty and tranquillity that empowers you to achieve a healthier way of life.


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