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Detox Cleanse at The Haven Health Spa Hotel Boquete

Detox CleanseThe Haven Health Spa Hotel Boquete

We live a world where is it so easy to be exposed to all sorts of contaminants of one description or another. Some chemicals are very difficult for the body to break down and begin to accumulate if the situation continues. Add to this scenario a diet that is adding to the burden and do nothing to enhance and help the body, in fact the average diet drains the body’s vitality. As the body becomes less able to cope it becomes more susceptible to the common natural allergens that are all around us.

There are signs that your body might be run down and possibly suffer from an overload with more than it can handle. Luckily our body tell us so we need to take note –


Over weight

Frequent headaches

Digestive problems

Frequent infections – like colds or flu

Allergies – sinuses, asthma, hay-fever, rhinitis, rashes and so much more

For some people the answer is to take pharmaceutical medication which will further burden the body with chemicals and certainly isn’t the long term answer.

People are beginning to turn to day spas for regular appointments and even longer stays at health spas and clinics. Many people are now realizing an ounce of prevention in detox treatments and programs is doing them a world of good and that they feel so much better for it.

Treatments with us can include body wraps with detoxing aromatherapy essential oils, infrared saunas for a more efficient detox, therapeutic massage aromatherapy massage, various types of exercise, professional nutritional advice from a naturopath and nutritional therapist. We also offer acupuncture to help the organs of elimination function better. We also have relaxation areas and important part of the detox process.

Then you need to consider – what happens after you visit to the health spa you need to continue to do your bit. It is important to consume fresh fruits and vegetables as we all know. In my experience and all the statics and research point to the fact that most people are not eating anything like the “5 a day” which is in fact the very bare minimum daily requirement. “5 a day” is not for optimum health, 6 to 12 portions a day is more like it. Impossible, people often tell me. However I eat between 9 to 15 every day, it’s not impossible.  The description of a portion is it quite simple – a portion is the size of a medium apple. If you managed 7 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, every day you would be doing yourself a huge favour.

Other things you should do after you get home -

Soaking in a bathtub – with Epsom salts are very useful in drawing toxins from the body

Detox teas

Dietary supplements

Dry skin brushing to stimulate the lymph system

Hot and cold showers – first hot (about 3 minutes) and then cold (about 30 seconds) and repeat if you can?

Who should not go for a detox? Pregnant women, nursing mothers, young children, and the very elderly. As for other various health conditions – there will be health practitioners that can advice on the best course of action for your particular symptoms.



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