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Corporate Program’s Coaching Team

Corporate Program's Coaching Team

The Haven’s goal is to assure that your executive(s) have ample opportunity to relax and rejuvenate their mind, body and soul. At the same time our talented coaching staff can support executives or executive teams in gaining awareness and skills to improve overall management, cooperation and communication for your company. Key coaching staff include:

Merl Will-Wallace

Executive Coaching, Change Management
Working closely with executive management, Merl helps companies successfully navigate their way through complex and difficult changes and transitions. He provides consultation services in strategic planning, change management, and personnel issues. Merl consults and coordinates Healistiq’s services for personalized executive retreats based on company needs and goals. Merl has a BA degree in organizational development, an MA in counseling from the University of Colorado and over 20 years of professional coaching and counseling experience.
Merl is author of the book: Awakening in Change.

Steve Mainero

Sales and Marketing Management
Highly accomplished Senior Executive with international track record of building client trust and satisfaction and developing successful business relationship programs.

He is an outstanding motivator and team leader with proven ability to help businesses create dynamic and cohesive teams.

Steve has been a mentor and coach to senior business executives.

Darrell Eash

Trans-Cultural Team Management
Darrell is a media professional, with over 25 years experience producing content for radio and television targeted at both domestic and international audiences. Darrel was raised in Venezuela, has traveled extensively throughout Latin America, and is fluent in Spanish.

Darrell addresses a number of characteristics that generally define the Latino and Gringo cultures and explains how they can harmoniously work together. Special emphasis is placed on mutual respect and a spirit of learning from each other.

Tom Werder

Team Building and Corporate Climate
Tom is an experienced Teacher and Coach who develops and leads seminars based on the principles of positive emotions.

Tom works in the business environment to develop positive personal behaviors, team function and positive corporate climates.

Gilberto Barria Vallarino

Managing Stress Through Mind-Body Awareness
Gilberto is a body-mind educator who coaches a wide range of clients in stress management through mind body harmony.

Gilberto studied at Rubenfeld Synergy Institute in New York City and is a Rubenfield Synergy instructor.
He has apprenticed as a Gestalt therapist and is an experienced life coach.

Rhody Edwards

Bio Body Health Scanning and Chiropractic

Rhody provides cutting edge science and technology in the fields of vibrational and bio feed back healing. He uses a Sensitive Imago machine to analyze all of the body organs, systems and structures to detect poor functioning and deterioration as well as the detection of unwanted viruses and bacteria.
The scan is performed while the client is seated and fully clothed. Rhody is a chiropractor with 30 years of experience.

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