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No Children Relaxation Vacation Spa Hotel Boquete

No Children Relaxation Vacations Spa Hotel Boquete

It’s becoming ever more popular for people to seek a vacation or holiday in places that do not permit children. We have had a policy since day one (our hotel has been open for 4 years now) to not allow anyone under the age of 18, as we are a no children zone. It was a tough decision when we had just opened to turn down business because people had children. We are now beginning to see the benefits and people who have stayed with us have appreciated the peace and quiet. Of course there are people who have been offended by our policy, stating that their children are super well behaved. I would have thought people would have rather taken their children to places where they are well catered for.

In years gone by the only places that catered for adults only or couples only where the big all-inclusive resorts, but in more recent times smaller boutique hotel are becoming child-free zones. Some hotel have a policy of no children under 12 or no children under 16, very few have a policy of no persons under 18. Our facility of a spa, health, fitness center and hotel is pretty unique in general and the only one of its kind in Panama.

There are many reasons why people want to get a way and have the peace of mind knowing they won’t have screaming, moaning, winning children running around them. Some people have a family vacation with their children and then have a second vacation without them to recharge their batteries and it is their very last desire to put up with other people’s children. A romantic vacation would not be the same with kids be it their own or anyone else’s kids. Then there are the baby boomers who have brought up their children, having had many family vacations in the past, many are also taking their share of looking after their grandchildren. For them a vacation or holiday that guarantees no children is imperative. More and more couples these days are choosing not to have children and they also choose to vacation far away from children, as do the same gender couples.

Research revealed that three quarter of people who were asked about their vacations admitted that other people’s children spoiled their vacation. Some even admitted that their own children spoiled their vacation. To ensure that parents and their children enjoy their holiday or vacation it’s important they choose a child friendly resort that caters for children every need, happy children make for happy parents.


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The Haven has a no children policy (no children under 18), to ensure peace and tranquility for all our guests. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.