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InfraRed Saunas huge health benefits available in Boquete

Why did we choose infrared saunas for The Haven? See the analysis below. More detoxing and regeneration. It must be remembered that the heat from …

Do you eat before exercise or not? The Haven gym Hotel Boquete

Eating before exercise?
How long are you going to exercise for?
The type of exercise?
Of course, your health and fitness levels.
Good nutrition plays a vital role in …

Pure Carrier Oils for Massage, The Haven Hotel Boquete

Pure Carrier Oils
They are all cold pressed. They can be used alone, or with essential oils. The first three carrier oils have been chosen for …

Natural Spa Products at The Haven Hotel Boquete

We use products that contain up to 98% organic ingredients and are 100% natural - “spa naturals“ they are manufactured in the USA especially for The Haven …

Facials at The Haven Spa Hotel Boquete

Our facials cleanse, revitalize, balance and encourage repair of the skin with totally natural products with no squeezing, no prodding, no picking, and no pain – …

Wraps with Essential Oils at The Haven Boquete

In the world of Spas, wraps come high on the list of most popular treatments taken. They offer – pampering, cosmetic benefits, and definitely numerous …

The Long Term Benefits of Massage

The aches and pains of everyday wear and tear, your over stressed muscles from hours of computer work, or the need to be pampered yourself …

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*hot stone massage *relaxation massage *deep tissue massage *aromatherapy *facials *body wraps *body scrubs and more. The Haven uses natural organic products from the USA.

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The Haven has a no children policy (no children under 18), to ensure peace and tranquility for all our guests. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.