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Adventure Days The Haven Boquete

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After a long drive to Boquete from San Carlos it was truly a delight to find & check-in to The Haven! We were greeted by a friendly, English speaking, receptionist who efficiently checked us in and showed us to our room and pointed out all of the nice amenities included with our stay. The daily fresh fruit and fully stocked refrigerator was great. Loved the clean modern bathroom; the large shower head was wonderful. I would like to recommend Arelys to anyone looking for an excellent relaxing massage. I was remiss in making an appointment ’til the last minute and Arelys was so very kind and thoughtful to fit me into her busy schedule at the last minute. I was given an excellent leg & foot treatment. A big Thank You to The Haven and the excellent staff. I highly recommend the spa for a true heavenly & quiet retreat.

As guests of The Haven Spa and Hotel Boquete we are very happy to help you with any advice, information or reservations for trips, tours, transportation, taxis, and restaurant bookings at reception between 8.00 and 7.00

Boquete Tree Trek

The zipline canopy tour is a breathtaking 3.5 kms – taking thrill seekers to 14 different platforms via 12 zip lines while flying through the jungle canopy. The adventure allows you to experience the heights of the rainforest treetops while marvelling at the beautiful scenery below.

The slope allows gravity to pull you downhill while attached to a harness, and a handbrake – allowing you to slow down as you reach the next platform. At Boquete Tree Trek Adventure, they use heavy-duty cables, world-class safety equipment and well trained guides to ensure your safety at all times.

This zipline tour is the first and longest in all of Panama, enabling you to experience the wonders of the cloud forest from a completely different perspective. Boquete and the Chiriquí Highlands are home to an amazing variety of plant and wild life and this adventure gives you the opportunity to experience it close-up while offering a thrilling and exhilarating activity here in on our door step.

As a guest of The Haven Spa Hotel Boquete we can arrange your trip for you getting picked up by Boquete Tree Trek. When your training session is complete you will be driven way further up the mountain in a 4×4 for about 10 minutes and then a 10 minute hike to the first platform.  You will travel down platform by platform, helped of highly trained, bilingual guides. This will take about an hour and a half flying through the forest canopy. Once you have finished you will be taken back to Boquete.

The youngest age allowed is 5-years-old accompanied by a parent or guardian, that how safe it is. Your harness is designed to support up to 2,000 pounds while the cables can support up to an amazing 10,000 pounds. The hand brake allows riders to slow down as they approach the platforms so they can safely stop (and a guide is waiting for you on each platform so you can’t crash land). Wear long pants and a light weight shower-proof. Afterwards you can eat up in the mountain or in down town Boquete. Telephone 507 730 1635

Boquete Outdoor Adventures 

A) White water rafting With more than 35 world-class whitewater runs in Panama’s Chiriqui province alone. With so many different runs to choose from, you may need some help choosing the trip that is right for your experience level. Hand-picked well trained guides and gear with your comfort and safety in mind. Offering full-days as well as half-day whitewater rafting trips. River selection and trip difficulty options depend on water levels as well as your skills and abilities. $90 per person for a full day, minimum 3 people, maximum 18 people. Leave Boquete at 7:00 am. Return around 3pm for full-day trips. Includes: Transportation to and from Boquete (from The Haven Hotel), equipment, guides and lunch. Participants should be in good physical condition. Some trips include up to 4 hours of moderate paddling. Class II/III: Minimum age is 7 years. Class III/IV: Minimum age is 10 years. Class IV/V: Minimum age is 14 years.

B) Kayaking whitewater day trip – one day introduction is intended to give you every opportunity to find your hidden love for whitewater kayaking. The instruction will emphasize the basics: paddling gear, boat safety, basic paddling technique and river awareness. The first half of the day is spent on flat water where you’ll get comfortable in your boat and practice your technique. The second half of the day is spent on a favorite class II section of river where each of the skills that you acquired earlier in the morning will come into play! $80 per person, minimum 2 people, maximum 12 people. Leave Boquete at 8 am, return to Boquete around 5 pm. Includes transportation to and from Boquete (The Haven Spa Hotel), boats, gear, guides and lunch. Beginners but should be in good physical condition. This trip includes 4-6 hours of moderate paddling, swimming and carrying your boat and gear. Minimum age is 10 years.

c) Kayaking sea day trip - This day trip is perfect for the beginner as well as more experienced paddlers, particularly those who want to claim a beautiful secluded beach for a day. From Boquete, we travel to Boca Chica, a small port village about an hour’s drive from David. We paddle from Boca Chica out into the Golfo de Chiriqui where we’ll have our pick of uninhabited islands to claim for the day $90 per person minimum 4 people, maximum 6 people. Leave Boquete at 7:00 am, return to Boquete around 6:00 pm Includes transportation to and from Boquete (from The Haven Hotel), boats, gear, guides and lunch. Beginners but should be in good physical condition. This trip includes about 4 hours of moderate paddling. Minimum age is 12 years.

D) Panama Island Tour starts in Boquete, we will then drive to Pedregal, a small fishing village just a few minutes outside of David. A boat will navigate our through the mangrove estuary of Laguna de Chiriqui, passing many local fishermen along the way. Leaving the estuary, we’ll enter the protected waters and uninhabited islands of Golfo de Chiriqui National Marine Park,a 14,740-hectare marine park that encompasses many uninhabited islands and serves as a refuge for howler monkeys, leatherback and hawksbill turtles, tiger-herons, and scores of exotic fish and white sand beaches. Snorkeling, exploring, swimming, relaxing in a hammock and playing on the white sand beaches afternoon lunching. $90 per person, minimum 4 people, maximum 15 people. Minimum 4 people, maximum 12 people. Leave Boquete at 7:00 am, return to Boquete around 6:00 pm Includes – transportation to and from Boquete (The Haven Spa Hotel), motorboat, snorkeling gear, guides and lunch. minimum age is 5 years

E) Waterfall Hike This amazing hike begins in privately-owned Falling Waters Nature Reserve and retraces the steps of pre-Columbian indians into remote virgin cloud forest surrounding the perimeter of Volcan Baru National Park. The trail parallels Quebrada La Mina, a gorgeous creek that meanders through the cliff’s-edge views and valleys above Boquete, falling over wall after spectacular wall of water and finally spilling into Rio Caldera. With more than 220 bird species native to the area, including the elusive Resplendent Quetzal, birding opportunities abound. Not only does this hike offer the chance to see beautiful waterfalls and rare birds, it also provides unique opportunities to observe mysterious pools where los precolombinos panned gold, as well as caves where they extracted clay. $50 per person, minimum 2 people. Leave Boquete at 8:00 am (from The Haven Spa Hotel) and return around lunchtime includes roundtrip transportation from Boquete, guide(s) and picnic. Beginners ( but should be in good physical condition) to experts short sections of the trail are quite strenuous

F) Sport fishing Isla Secas – $700 per day for up to 4 anglers maximum -include the following:

* All meals and refreshments while on charter * Experienced fishing guide Dorado, Roosterfish, Cubera Snapper and more
* All conventional tackle, bait, lures * Licensed boat captain * Fishing licenses, Park fees All skill and fitness levels minimum age is 5 years (accompanied by an adult) Pick from The Haven Spa Hotel around 7:00 am   Office 507 720 2284 or 507 6630 1453

Boquete Mountain Safari Tours   

A) Cloud Forest Safari – half day  OR  full day – 4 x 4 Driving Tour in the Mountains of Boquete. The lush primary forests of Boquete invite you to experience its amazing bio-diversity. Cruise the luxuriant Boquete Mountains and stop at some, or all, of the following; My Garden, Your Garden; Mi Jardín Es Su Jardína; El Explorador; a coffee farm; cascading waterfalls; the Volcan Baru National Park, “Sendero de los Quetzales”, and sheer volcanic cliffs. Boquete is known for its coffee, flowers, and strawberries; drive by the high elevation farms that are the ‘bread basket’ of Panama. (Some stops might not always be available, due to weather or road conditions; or park closures). $35 per person for a Half Day Expedition – Pick-up times at 8:00am or 1:30 pm (Minimum of 2 people)  $80 per person for a Full Day Expedition – Pick-up time is at 8:00am  Full day includes all park entrance fees and lunch (Minimum of 2 people)

B) Hiking/Wildlife Expedition Hiking exploration to Panama’s National Parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Our 4×4 Land Cruisers will pick you up at your hotel and drive you to our favorite Rainforest Trail high in the Cloud Forests of Boquete, Panama. After many years exploring the trails in Boquete we have chosen the best locations to see the Resplendent Quetzal, Howler Monkey, Sloth, and many of Panama’s exotic birds. Our guests favorite trail includes a stop at a 250 foot waterfall. (Abundance of animals and birds is seasonally dependent. Birds and wildlife move around depending on the weather and migrations.)

All Full Day tours include: Hike to one trail in Boquete in the morning, lunch, then a different trail in the afternoon; location dependent on weather and request from guests. Trails in Caldera include different birds, flora, fauna, and wildlife. Local Lunch, water, & snacks included. $80 Per Person for a Full Day Expedition Hotel pick-up at 8:00 am (minimum 2 persons)   $40 Per Person for a Half Day Expedition Hotel pick-up at 8:00am or 1:30 pm (minimum 2 persons)

C) Caldera Hot Springs The Volcán Barú Boquete (also Volcán de Chiriqui) is the tallest mountain in Panama and is 3,474 metres (11,398 ft) high. The last major eruption of the volcano was about 500 AD. There are reports, and some evidence, of a minor eruption around 1550 AD. However, deep in the earth, beneath your feet, the molten rock of the earth’s interior still transmits heat upward through sold rock to ground water which has penetrated to that depth. This extremely hot water then forces its way upward through fissures and fractures, warming rocks and water as it goes. Where the hot water can escape at the ground surface, a hot spring is formed. The Caldera Hot Spring is produced by the emergence of geo-thermally-heated groundwater from the earth’s crust. $35 Per Person for Half Day Expedition Hotel pick-up at 8:00am or 1:30 pm (2 person minimum) or call: 6627-8829

Panama Rafters

We provide our clients with everything including meals, equipment, transportation, guides and safety personnel. All of our equipment is imported from the foremost rafting outfitters of the United States. We also provide US Coast Guard approved type III-V lifejackets and helmets that must be worn at all times within the rafts. Thorough and complete first aid kits are provided on each trip as well as other relevant river safety gear. Lunch – a hefty smorgasbord, catering to most diets due to religious beliefs or vegetarian preferences plus drinking water. Our guides will provide you with detailed instructions, especially important for first-timers. Transportation to and from the river is provided from most areas around the Chiriqui province. Telephone 6879-4382 / 6618-0846

Panama Rock Climbing

Tours guided by Panama’s #1 Professional Rock climber Cesar Melendez – from beginners to advanced 

A)  Guided Rock Climbing Tours in Boquete. Take your body awareness to new heights as you climb the most incredible natural rock formations of Panama. Every day  (9:00am. and  2:00pm.) 3 hours –  Professionally guided. All inclusive: Climbing harness, Climbing shoes, Quick draws, Ropes, Helmet (mandatory item according to new tourist regulation of Boquetenian Municipality), Belay devices and Chalk. More than 30 sport routes to choose from. All you can climb. Levels from 5.6 (easy) to 5.13a(very difficult) – YDS.  Columns of  basalt / volcanic rock with heights between 17 meters up to 30 meters. You can choose which sector suits best for you: Gunko (basic-intermediate) 15 routes available (Difficulty 5.6- 5.11a) Mana (Advanced) 7 routes available (Difficulty 5.11a – 5.12d) or Legacy (Elite) 6 routes available (Difficulty 5.10a – 5.13a) – Transportation is included, no previous experience is required for Gunko sector (Ages 3 +) – It is recommended to use clothes that allow you flexibility of movement. Also: Access / Permits regulations to the climbing areas Climbing policy and environmental conservation

B) Hiking + Rappelling Tours in Boquete  Every day.  (9:00am. and 2:00pm.) 4 hours approx. Professionally guided.
All inclusive: Climbing harness, Slings, Ropes, Helmet (mandatory item according to new tourist regulation of Boquetenian Municipality, and Rappelling devices.  60 meters rappelling on volcanic rock. Transportation is included. Proper training No previous experience required. It is recommended to use clothes that allow you flexibility of movement.

More Advanced – courses and Trips – $65.00p/p – Water solo bouldering Tours, $75.00p/p – Multi-pitch Rock climbing Tours in Boquete – Water solo bouldering Tours, $192.00p/p – Panama Certified Rock Climbing Course LEVEL I – Panama Certified Rock Climbing Course LEVEL II – Panama Certified Rock Climbing Course LEVEL III Mobile (507) 6764 7918

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