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A body scrub The Haven Hotel Boquete

A body scrubat The Haven Spa Boquete

What is a body scrub?

A body scrub is essentially an exfoliant, its purpose is to remove the dull dead layer of the skin. Scrubs help to increase the circulation and leave the newer layer of skin hydrated, smooth, soft and glowing. You do have to be careful if you have sensitive skin and certainly this not for you if you have red skin from sunbathing or any eczema or rashes.

A body scrub is a good treatment to have if you are about to have false tan applied. We do not recommend them and do not offer a tanning service at our health spa.

Our body scrub contains sea salt, natural glycerine (excellent for hydrating the skin and leaving feeling it very smooth) plus essential oils of lavender or lemongrass.

Body scrubs are simply to do at home in the shower.


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