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7 unhelpful things that hinder your success in the gym

7 unhelpful things that hinder your success in the gym

1. I’ll just go to the gym when I feel like it or when I can fit it in to my busy week.

This is not helpful. You need a routine – plan to go on a given day at a given time and stick to it, change other appointments to fit around your gym schedule (where ever humanly possible). If you don’t do this there will always be something else to do instead that will seem more inviting or more important. We are all busy these days, something else will always crop up until you construct a routine. There is always so much going on in Boquete so you need to cast your time at The Haven gym in stone and stick to it.

2. I don’t need any help!

It all looks easy, get on any one of the machines and go for it. And anyway you may prefer to do your own thing. However, with a little advice (from a professional) you could turn your workout into a more affective one with less time and effort.

3. I want to lose weight so I will spend hours on the treadmill to burn fat.

This is not the best way to lose weight. It is recommended that a combination of cardio and resistance training is generally a more effective way.

4. I stick to my exercise routine, doing the same thing.

We are creatures of habit and many people have been going through the same exercise routine for years. Several things about this, the body begins to find the same routine too easy to make much of a difference anymore. Research into sports is discovering new things about exercise and the body all the time and you could be missing out on the latest following old concepts. Some people get so bored with the same old thing making it more and more difficult to motivate themselves to go to the gym to repeat the same old stuff. However, don’t let me put you off your well rehearsed routine if this is the only way you can go to the gym, some people prefer to go train without thinking and leave that is fine too.

4. I don’t eat before exercising.

The old idea that one should not eat before exercise is hard to shift. It is very important to eat a healthy snack about 45 to 60 minutes before exercise, your body needs the fuel. What should you have before – a smoothie is excellent, quick and easy to prepare packs a punch of nutrients and antioxidants, they also help with hydration. Use any fruits of your choice like berries, pineapple, papaya, mango, kiwi and many more, add some seeds like flax seeds, sunflower, pumpkin seeds for protein or if you prefer add some hemp seed protein powder. Some people like to add a little natural plain yogurt and as long as you don’t have a dairy problem that is fine.

5. I can’t be dehydrated as I drink plenty of fluids.

Dehydration is a big problem – many drinks people consume are dehydrating, they act like diuretics do (encouraging the kidneys to excrete more fluid), drinks like tea, coffee and cokes. Sugar is also dehydrating and there is too much salt in the average diet. Stress is dehydrating and today few of us can escape the stress of modern life. Being dehydrated will reduce your energy levels considerably and you may feel lethargic after an exercise routine, some people can even feel dizzy? Rather than going mad and drinking gallons and gallons of water – drink reasonable amounts of water all day and at the same time reduce the dehydrating fluids and foods you consume. Eat more fruits and vegetables, they add more fluid to your diet as well as vital nutrients that help to get the body hydrated.

6. I get advice from friends and books.

This is okay but it may not be the best for you and your set of circumstances. A small investment with a trainer (even if it’s only one session) can set you on the right path for what you want to achieve.

7. I don’t have a goal in mind.

Have some goal in mind – doesn’t matter what the goal is there are no wrongs or rights here. Write it down. If its a weight issue – measure yourself in various places and record the measurements. Measuring is a better idea than weighing yourself, as weight can vary from week to week. It can fluctuate often for no particular reason, it doesn’t have to be a big deal but for some people it’s a huge demotivate. Maybe your goal is to get fit, record the amount of repetitions or speed or distance and note your progress. Maybe you need to reduce your blood pressure, keep a daily or weekly note of your readings and the amount of medication you are taking, if you are taking any. Maybe you want to be able to ski better, go on a cycling holiday or keep up with the grandchildren without getting exhausted.

Once you join a health club or gym put some structure together to ensure lasting results.


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