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Hot Stone Massage in Boquete

Hot stone massage might be new to you and is certainly becoming a more popular treatment these days. However, the use of hot stones for healing dates back thousands of years. The Chinese used heated stones to improve the function of the internal organs. The Japanese used heated stones on the abdomen to improve any digestive problems. Heated therapeutic stones were also used by Native Americans, South Americans, Africans, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and Indians.

Hot stone massage uses smooth, heated stones of various sizes, some are placed on pacific points and others are used for the massage to glide over muscles.  The stones are heated by submersing them in hot water to a particular temperature. A deeply relaxing but light massage, creating a sensation of comfort and warmth.

The direct heat relaxes muscles, allowing for a greater intensity than with regular massage and as the stones cool the therapist will replace them with more hot stones. The basalt stones used are a form of black volcanic rock that absorbs and retains heat well.

This process ensures that every cell in the body receives more oxygen and nutrients while at the same time waste material is removed more effectively through the corresponding increase in lymph flow.

Hot Stone Massage can help -

Muscular aches, pains, sprains, and strains

Poor circulation

Rheumatic and arthritic conditions

Stress, anxiety and tension


Some people experience better blood pressure

Encourages detoxification

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