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12 excellent reasons to take regular exercise

12 excellent reasons to take regular exercise

1 Increase levels of HDL or ‘good’ cholesterol

2 Lower high blood pressure

3 Help control weight

4 Promote bone density

5 Promote healthy blood sugar levels

6 Boost the immune system

7 Improve mood and reduce the chance of depression

8 Reduce the risk of premature death from heart disease

9 Cope with arthritis

10 Help older adults gain strength, fight osteoporosis, and enhance ability to be active without fear of falling.

11 Exercise also increases circulation taking oxygen to every cell and removing the debris. This improves the health of your skin making it look healthy, vibrant and younger.

12 Better brain function

Despite all the evidence for staying active, many people find it difficult to adapt their daily life to incorporate much physical activity. As many as 70% of the adult population these days are inactive enough to be classed as ‘sedentary’. Being sedentary increases the risk of a heart attack by the same amount as smoking!

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